Web Services

IMS has developed and currently maintains a variety of websites and Web-based applications. These sites range from a single page to highly complex information systems. Examples of websites implemented by IMS include:

  • Interactive systems to query cancer statistics: SEER
  • A Web-based questionnaire to collect data for national studies: Information, Demo Site
  • Multiple sites utilized by research groups to facilitate collaboration with other researchers: Article (PDF)
  • Standard websites: DCP, EGRP

IMS staff possess a thorough understanding of website design and implementation. We assist the client in establishing goals and requirements. We can advise the client on applicable regulations and design constraints such as patient confidentiality and Section 508 compliance. Once design has been completed and documented, IMS provides full implementation capabilities and hosting.. We have an experienced staff of Web designers, creative graphic artists and Web implementers.

The IMS Web team develops Web applications utilizing a variety of tools which include JavaScript, PHP, XML, Postgres, and Oracle. We also integrate open-source and commercial products into our websites. Examples include Zope and Plone for content management, Corda for interactive charts and graphs, and Arcinfo for geographic information systems.

IMS Services

IMS provides a broad range of services for our clients, including but not limited to: Data Coordinating Centers; Clinical Trials support; Data hosting and Analysis; Application Development; Website implementation and hosting; Software As A Service (SaaS); and others.

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