Work Environment

Promoting Within

IMS hires at entry level and promotes from within when new opportunities arise. Since our managers were hired at the entry level, they understand the needs and capabilities of entry level staff. Our managers mentor staff and encourage them to take initiative while still contributing to collaborative efforts.

Quality Standards

IMS has a long history of qualitative excellence and encourages employees to create excellent quality products. Our philosophy is that products should not be delivered to clients until they meet our standards for quality. Quality is a foundation of all IMS services, and our dedication to this principle has resulting in IMS continually being re-awarded long term biomedical support contracts.

Lowered Stress

Work is assigned such that employees are not normally expected to work overtime. Our objective is to create an environment with less stress than is typical in our line of work. We encourage employees to do their best at work, while respecting their personal and family time.

Balancing Strengths

At IMS, we do not emphasize position titles. We assign employees to projects, based on their ability and skills. To the extent feasible, we try to challenge and expand each employee's skills. Because we have many types of projects that require many skill levels, we can usually accommodate the strengths of each staff member.

Relaxed Environment

IMS fosters an environment where staff collaborate to provide top quality work. IMS encourages a relaxed, friendly, work environment. In addition, we allow casual but professional dress.

Offices vs. Cubicles

All employees are assigned to regular offices with a maximum of two people sharing an office. We do not use any cubicles. The work area is structured to provide comfort while working at the computer.

Telecommuting and Liberal Leave

Many of our positions allow for full or part-time telecommuting. IMS also understands that unplanned events often happen in life, and has a generous flexible leave policy for such times.

Reliable Computing

The IMS computer center is distributed across two co-location facilities and hundreds of Linux, Windows, and VMware servers. It supports web and managed services to meet our customers' mission critical requirements 24/7.