Testimonials from Our Employees

“I just returned from 29th International Papillomavirus Conference. I was pleasantly surprised by how many there knew of IMS and all the good things they had to say about us. Some had worked with us directly and others had heard of us through their NCI collaborators. Many individual programmers were mentioned for doing excellent work. I was very happy to hear all the praise.”
- L. C. -

“I still think back to the time when I first started working at IMS. I thought I would work here for a few years and then go somewhere else, but here I still am, 14 years later. So IMS has been good to me and I thank you for that.”
- L. T. -

“I was a military wife when IMS gave me a chance at a programming job.  That 'job' turned into a very satisfying career that I am reluctant to think about ending – now 30 years later.”
- J. B. -

“It’s a pleasure to work with so many smart, dedicated people.”
- P. W. -

“IMS combines an efficient work environment where you are encouraged to get involved with a number of projects, with a great friendly environment with bagel Fridays, ice cream first birthdays, and contract parties.”
- M. S. -

“IMS has provided an environment for me to grow and learn throughout my entire 16 year career.  Even after 16 years I am still given opportunities to take on new systems and projects that expand my knowledge base.”
- S. M. -

“I took this job to get six months experience and move on.  This place is so great I have been here 28 years.”
- K. M. -

“I really appreciate IMS's attitude that employees should have a life outside of work.  A 40-hour work week with paid overtime, generous vacation time, and an attitude that family comes first have made this a great place to work for 24 years.”
- L. C. -

“When people who leave IMS to work elsewhere quickly return, it says something about the company.”
- D. C. -

“After having kids, IMS allowed me to work part time. This enabled me to continue enjoying my job, and participating in many volunteer opportunities.”
- J. C. -

“...couldn't have done it without the work atmosphere which IMS provided.”
- D. P. -

“When I started at IMS 26 years ago, we were a company of 40 employees.  Although we have expanded over the years, many of those original 40 employees are still working at IMS today.”
- L. R. -

“I started working at IMS as an office assistant and data entry operator with no college degree. Within two years I had become a full-time programmer. IMS gave me an opportunity that I probably would not have gotten elsewhere.”
- A. R. -

IMS values the employee – you aren’t crammed into cubicles.  They provide parking, and they don’t require you to work overtime and when you do they compensate you for it.  Most everyone I know has had multiple jobs but I’ve stayed with IMS my entire career because I found a great place to work that values me as a person as well as an employee.”
- S. M. -

“One of the unique things about IMS is their policy to promote from within.  This eliminates the too often used corporate practice of hiring management to come in and "rock the boat".   Your managers at IMS have done what you are doing and thus don't put unrealistic expectations on you as an employee or person.”
- W. K. -

“I was hired fresh out of college and now plan to retire from IMS.  I don't know anyone else my age who can say that about their job other than some fellow IMSers.”
- N. L. -

“It's very satisfying to work for a company where we are encouraged to do the best we can to meet the customers' needs, rather than to cut corners for short-term advantage.”
- T. H. -

“I started out in the government, where there are many levels of hierarchy, and everything needs a dozen signatures.  At IMS, I can call the CEO directly, and he knows me by name.”
- L. C. -

“I really appreciate that my supervisors at IMS are sincerely interested in helping me to grow in my computer experience. When I've had difficulties with a project they did not berate me, but worked to provide the resources and environment to help me to work through those difficulties.”
- B. B. -

“IMS treats every employee as an individual, utilizing and encouraging his/her talents, experiences and professional interests while providing plenty of opportunity to learn new skills.”
- D. E. -

“I started at IMS with a B.S. in Mathematics and no professional experience.  IMS provided a flexible schedule that allowed me to earn a Ph.D. in Biostatistics, and for the past 20 years, my work at IMS has provided me with opportunities to gain experience while producing publications with NCI statisticians and other researchers.”
- D. B. -

“Over the years, I’ve gone from being an entry-level computer programmer to a manager, and I’ve picked up a lot of science along the way.  Since our managers are promoted from within, there’s always room to grow and learn.”
- L. C. -

“They are good, decent people to work for.”
- R. P. -

“At IMS, there is a strong sense of camaraderie with an emphasis on mentoring.  With every new assignment, I never feel unprepared or unchallenged.”
- R. C. -

“Before IMS, I worked at a Fortune 500. Everyone worked in a state of fear. Deadlines were set so that management could impress executives. If a mistake was made, someone had to be blamed and fired. When mistakes are made at IMS, all effort is on correcting the problem, instead of assigning blame. IMS may not be Fortune 500, but I find it a much nicer place to work.”
- D. C. -

“Findings from several of my studies have made the national news.  It's exciting to tell your family and friends that you were a part of a news story they've heard about, and I feel like I'm making a real contribution to cancer research.” 
- L. C. -

“At IMS we don't have layers upon layers of management, piles of official memos or cubicles. If you’ve seen the movie 'Office Space', I can happily say that it does not resemble IMS!”
- J. M. -

“I appreciate working in an environment that is pleasant and low key, where everyone is friendly!”
- J. M. -

“I appreciate the flexibility that IMS offers so that I can attend my child’s school functions. This flexibility, in turn, makes me want to give more back. Isn’t that really the way it should work? I’ve been at IMS for my entire 20 years career. I can’t envision working for anyone else!”
- J. M. -

“IMS was the only company I found that was hiring people without experience.  All I needed beyond my degree was a good attitude and an ability to learn.”
- L. C. -