Testimonials from Our Clients

Some of our clients have given us permission to use their comments, but prefer not to be identified by name on the IMS website.  These clients are identified as “Research Scientist”.

Upon my retirement I wanted to thank everyone at IMS for their unfailing hard work and collaboration. It has been an honor and privilege to work with such a dedicated group. I cannot imagine a career without all the support I received from the IMS staff. Each one has been cheerful and willing to do whatever was necessary to complete the tasks. I remain amazed that one company can gather such a superior staff who remain loyal year after year.

I owe a debt of gratitude to all with whom I have worked at IMS. Retired NIH Research Scientist

“AD and GC set up our Annual Report to the Nation microsite on SEER’s homepage, and it’s perfect! The past couple years have been tough because we didn’t have our own page on SEER (hosted elsewhere in the past), but this year has been awesome. AD has been a pleasure to work with—very responsive, quick, and creative! I’m very proud of our site and also very happy that it was ready to go on time. This year was so much less stressful than what I’m used to—and it’s all because of your crew!”
Trish Murphy, MS - NCI Communications Team Lead

“...the data viewer is an invaluable resource since I discovered it. We use it here regularly as we process files for a variety of different reasons. I think it should be promoted more heavily as it has saved a tremendous amount of time and resources here. It has led to smarter decisions being made on a daily basis. Again thank you for your help, I really appreciate it.”
Stephen J Slack, RHIA, CTR at Bureau of Health Statistics and Registries

“Retirement is a bittersweet event. It never occurred to me that saying goodbye to COR duties would be sad. Only an IMS COR would say that.”
Janet Royalty - CDC Contractor Officer Representative

“...your staff ROCKS!!!”
NIH Customer

“I enjoy crash courses and this one was exceptionally thorough and clear. The commitment of presenters to ensure entire class was together was great. Very valuable, fascinating software.”
Participant of SEER*Stat Course at APHA

“Wonderful course and instructors. Really appreciate their willingness to help; very knowledgeable!”
Participant of SEER*Stat Course at APHA

“We made the move to BSI now a decade (or more?) ago and it is SUCH a relief to know that any and all questions about our collections can be answered in the main with the click of a keyboard.”
NIH Customer

“I am continually looking at inventory systems to see new trends in data enhancements surrounding sample storage. None of the systems I have seen hold a candle to the BSI.  IMS has a truly well thought out data management system that is flexible enough to allow us to evolve.”
Kathi Shea - Vice President, Seracare Life Sciences, Inc.

“Thanks for the information about Squish. I'm loving it! It makes our lives as test professionals a lot easier, especially because we can access Squish anywhere. I even accessed it on my mobile via EDGE—no problems.”
MB - Dimension Data (Pty) Ltd.

“IMS’s contributions have been crucial to the many discoveries of the causes of cancer and the means of prevention that have come from our organization over the years. As I met scientists from other organizations and learned how they conducted their research, I have always been grateful for the resources we had available through IMS and the ease of getting work done. From data preparation to data analysis to BSI to Web services to surveys, etc, etc., we were ahead of the curve and been able to accomplish much because of the work of IMS.”
Retired NIH Scientist

“Discrepancy tracking in BSI allows us to commit vials to inventory while obtaining resolution on errors. It also allows us to report on trends by site or study to promote continuous improvement in data flow.”
Carla Chorley - Repository Director, SeraCare Life Sciences

“Squish is awesome and very slick. I really like it.”
DB - Bose Corp.

“BSI is a very sophisticated software package that allows organizations to manage and maintain biological specimens. Our experience with BSI has been extremely positive as the software package has evolved through time.”
Kimberly Walker - Thurmond American Cancer Society                         

“Thanks for the support in preparing for our site visit. The success was in great part due to the great work and devotion by the IMS team. It has been a real pleasure working with your team on our NCI research studies.”
Research Scientist

“With the help of the Squish guys, we've got the use of a great real-time online database to keep everyone up to speed on progress. This thing has already saved us countless time and we haven't even shipped the demo yet.”
Hunter - The Reckoning Development Team, Interplay Entertainment

“I could not have built such a large empire without IMS’s help.”
Genghis Khan - Mongol Emperor

“As usual your prompt and expert support astounds me. Add 'We own Customer Service' to your resume. Our satisfaction (indeed, overwhelming appreciation) for your product continues.”
DR - Business Analyst, BSC

“BSI has been a great product for tracking specimen collections from cradle to grave. BSI is also constantly being improved and the staff at IMS have been great to work with on issues, feature requests, training or anything else.”
Vance Adkins - NIEHS Specimen Repository 

“At Cengea Solutions we use Squish to manage issue tracking with over 60 authors spread around the world. For us, the Squish application is a mission-critical system that is the key link in the support relationship with our authors. Compared to other applications we've utilized, our staff find Squish user friendly and powerful, and we've had very positive feedback from our authors. The technical support we've received when necessary has also been very responsive and professional.”
CJ - Cengea Solutions

“...Squish accomplished something that no other bug tracking tool has done for me before—I liked it right off the bat. I liked the way I could easily reorder the fields and add new ones. I liked that it worked as well with Mozilla as as it did with Internet Explorer. I liked the fact that I could download a complete copy of our data in XML format. And I really liked the free trial period with an unlimited number of users.”
Danny Faught - Tejas Software Consulting

“Thanks for the prompt support in helping us restore our data. For us, Squish is a valuable tool used to communicate tasks between our authors and our team.”
SC - Director, Top Dog Developments Pty Ltd

“I have been using Squish for 6 months now and have created 4 major projects with up to 30 users on some projects. We have found the functionality user friendly; support requirements have been minimal but when needed prompt. Efficiencies gained in managing work flows has been significant to our business and the staff have welcomed Squish. The resistance to change has been minimal due to the amount of flexibility offered and ability to meet user needs.”
JD - Travel Indochina

“They are all expert programmers, very responsive to my requests, and they do high quality work. It is wonderful to have an experienced team with knowledge of these complex projects and data resources. I appreciate their timely communications with me, especially updates on the registry linkage study, which requires long term communication and collaboration.”
Research Scientist

“I love SQUISH.  Not only does it have the best name of any bug tracking database, it has the best features and functionality. It’s very easy to configure to your hearts content, and it’s quick and responsive. Within a few hours, I customized the Punchbowl Squish database to do *exactly* what I wanted to do, and I wasn’t limited to their nomenclature or bug flow.  To top it all off, they have some of the best customer service and technical support that I’ve seen.  Squish is truly a joy to use.”
Punchbowl Software

“Thanks so much, I can't believe how easy it is.  I appreciate the foresight, flexibility and capabilities of the IMS/SEER applications the more I use them.”
Beth Anne Schmidt - Louisiana Tumor Registry

“I have used BSI since it was first introduced and have always found it to be a very efficient means of tracking a large number of samples.  It also has excellent reporting capabilities.  The support staff has been universally helpful in resolving any questions and in incorporating requests for enhancements.”
Jackie King - BioReliance Inc.

“In my opinion, RF and AL did so much more than merely responding to my direction. You made substantial, independent, and substantive contributions throughout. I depended on you and you never disappointed.  Your efforts were incredibly critical to the success of this monograph.  You exercised your considerable knowledge and showed great initiative.”
Holly L. Howe, PhD - Executive Director, NAACCR, Inc.

“On behalf of Lanya, Christy, and Leah, THANK YOU and IMS for all of your expertise, training, and patience.”
Sharon Fleming - Choctaw/CherokeeProgram Director, NARA Women's Wellness Program

“ You have a fabulous team of people.”
Research Scientist

“ I ended up supervising more than 40 analyses with our data analytic team at Information Management Services led superbly by JB.  We have worked together for 15 years, and I wish to thank her for her exceptional efforts publicly.” 
Research Scientist

“The launch of the new website would not have happened without RM’s capable guidance. I would like to thank her for her stellar support.”
Research Scientist

“I would like to commend RM for her invaluable support during the redesign of the websites.  Her attention to detail brought several issues to the surface before they were a problem. Having her on my team makes my job easier. If I send something to her I know she will often make it better.”
Research Scientist

“IMS has truly been a treasure.  The technical support you provided during my tenure has been largely responsible for the many significant accomplishments.  I want to thank the IMS staff, virtually all of whom have not only met but exceeded expectations. ”
Research Scientist

“JS, SF and I were in Atlanta for training yesterday.  They were both so helpful and as usual JS could answer every question about the coding, use of the software, Plone site difficulties, questions about old data, editing, etc. They both were exemplary representatives for IMS and the quality of your employees. They also made me look good. Thank you!”
Research Scientist

“Please let the IMS staff who worked on the many aspects of getting the  mortality & population data processed for release on the website know how much I appreciate their professionalism, commitment, and competence. We have relied on the IMS team for many years - there are times when I take for granted what appears as a “seamless” production effort when in fact it is a complex and orchestrated activity. Every year there are major challenges to improve both statistical methodology, editing, user interface, and relevance to our programs.”
Research Scientist

“You are incredible!!! JM deserves an award or a raise, or both! He is able to do anything in almost no time at all. I have never worked with anyone so talented and so responsive. Working with JM is a real-time experience, a true back and forth. I can't praise him enough. Please express my praise and awe to the upper echelon at IMS.”
Research Scientist

“We could not have done this without DF's help at IMS!!!!!”
Research Scientist

“Thanks for checking so carefully. We truly appreciate the fast turnaround, the very careful review of every number, and your initiative on this. Given your extensive contribution to this first analysis, I am adding your name to the list of authors. We owe you a lot.”
Research Scientist

“I was thinking back over the past week this morning, and felt that a highlight was the call we had with both of you and the other contractor. Your thoughtful comments, spirit of collaboration and enthusiasm, tempered with a proper dose of caution, set a standard we can all aspire to. That hour phone call was invaluable for us in charting our future course.”      
Research Scientist

“We made the move to BSI now a decade (or more?) ago and it is SUCH a relief to know that any and all questions about our collections can be answered in the main with the click of a keyboard.”      
NIH Customer