Our Products

Logo of BSI

BSI is an enterprise level multi-repository system designed for large scale specimen inventories. BSI is designed as a virtual repository system, providing simultaneous real-time access to an unlimited number of repositories by an unlimited number of users. The system is flexible, scalable, and extensible. BSI is currently deployed for over 75 databases which track over 100 million specimens.

Logo of Bioshare

BioShare is a web-based platform for sharing biospecimens and/or datasets with others in the research community. BioShare provides a central location for researchers to search, submit requests, and track all requestor correspondence. BioShare can be customized to your request tracking requirements.

Logo for Squish

SQUISH is a cloud-based management tool used by companies worldwide to track and manage tasks, client requests, product development and more. Users can securely and efficiently track product development, bugs, manage quality assurance issues, help desk tickets, and organize client requests from any Web browser. The simple and intuitive design of Squish makes it easy for anyone to create customized projects in minutes.

Logo of SOP Tracker

SOPTracker is a Web application that organizes Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and other controlled documentation efficiently and effectively. Its easy-to-use, intuitive interface gives you control of your documentation with the click of a mouse.

Logo of SRL Advantage

SRL Advantage was developed by IMS under contract to the National Cancer Institute as part of the CBIIT open source software tools. SRL Advantage facilitates biologic research by helping the research community locate information about biospecimen resources. Information regarding biorepositories and biospecimen collections can often be difficult and time-consuming to locate. SRL Advantage seeks to reduce this burden for you by providing a centralized point of access for your researcher to search, locate, and request biospecimen resources. IMS can adapt and tailor the SRL application to meet your requirements.

SeerStat Logo

SEER*Stat statistical software provides a convenient, intuitive mechanism for the analysis of SEER and other cancer-related databases. It is a powerful tool to view cancer records and to produce statistics for studying the impact of cancer on a population. SEER*Stat was developed under contract for the National Cancer Institute.

Logo Seer DMS

SEER*DMS provides a unified, modular approach to functions performed by central cancer registries and can be customized to individual registries. The system facilitates methods for collecting and reporting cancer incidence data. It substantially increases the efficiency of registry operations. SEER*DMS was developed under contract for the National Cancer Institute. The SEER staff and the IMS development team were awarded an NIH Merit Award for the development of SEER*DMS.