Analytic Services and Data Management

IMS provides a variety of statistical programming and IT support services for biomedical research. Our employees are organized into small teams that work directly with researchers and biostatisticians to manage and analyze their biomedical research data. This team-based approach enables IMS to respond quickly and efficiently to the specific requirements of our clients.

IMS develops programs in SAS, R, and other statistical languages to analyze data for all types of biomedical research. IMS has analyzed data from research areas such as clinical trials, prevention studies, epidemiologic studies, utilization rates for cancer screening, cancer prevalence rates, and genomic research data.

IMS has over 45 years of experience in applying commercial and open-source software tools in addition to IMS’s own proprietary software in support of hundreds of clinical research studies and statistical research projects. This experience enables our staff to conduct analyses with only general guidance from the client, or alternatively, to provide useful input to the client as to the needs and issues that arise in biomedical research studies. IMS also develops state-of-the-art methods and software for the analysis of cancer statistics. Examples include:

  • Modeling effects of cancer control activities.
  • Analyzing survival and disease-free intervals in clinical studies.
  • Monitoring cancer screening behaviors.
  • Developing analytic approaches for cancer incidence, survival, and mortality statistics.
  • Performing statistical analysis and developing statistical methodologies using a variety of languages including SAS, R, and SPlus.

IMS Services

IMS provides a broad range of services for our clients, including but not limited to: Data Coordinating Centers; Clinical Trials Support; Data Hosting and Analysis; Web and Application Development and Hosting; Software As A Service (SaaS); and others.

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